#SonsandFathers Series: Passing Down Lessons to the Newest Generation

July 29, 2015
Park Hyatt

With new Sons + Fathers books in all Park Hyatt guestrooms, our Park Hyatt colleagues share the family advice and lessons they will continue to pass down. Don’t forget to post your own story to Instagram using #SonsandFathers.

Marc von Arnmin, general manager at Park Hyatt Sydney, recounts a meaningful story and advice from his father, Mr. Georg von Arnim, and wishes to continue teaching his son, Zac, the same values.

“My father came to Australia from Germany in the late 1960s and did not speak a great deal of English. Australia was a very welcoming country and allowed him to be accepted and have a go of making his life and future. My father has always been very grateful for the opportunity he was given by coming to Australia. My father has always been there for me through good times and the bad.

My father has always taught me to be accepting of all people and that family always comes first in your life. I want to make sure that I pass on the same values to my son Zac.”

NitinFamily_1030x1400Nitin Kumar, Executive Chef at Park Hyatt Canbarra, shares a traditional family recipe that he and his father enjoyed together and that he continues to pass on to his children.

“Chef Nitin Kumar was born and raised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow has always been known as a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub, with strong Persian influences dating back to Mughal rule in the fourteenth century. Modern day Lucknowites are renowned for being the most polite people in India!Nitin-Dev_1030x1374

Nitin’s love of cooking comes from his mother Indra. Growing up Nitin and his father Lal would look forward to special occasions like Holi and Diwali when Indra would make Goat Yakhni for the family. This recipe has been passed down from his grandparents, and Nitin has taught his wife Priyanka to make the dish as well. This tasty rice dish is a North Indian classic with definite Persian influences, and it gets its name from the Yakhni (meat stock) it is cooked in.

Since leaving India, Kumar and Priyanka have lived in New Zealand and Australia. Especially when the All Blacks rugby team are playing a big match, they will gather friends and for a feast, including Goat Yakhni, and to watch the game!

Nitin looks forward to teaching his daughter Chhanak and son Dev, who was born last year, to make Goat Yakhni, continuing his family tradition.”

Wurm-3-Generations----PictureChristian Wurn, general manager at Park Hyatt Chennai, said his father’s passion for the environment created a special bond between them. Today, Christian continues to pass the values on to his children.

“He always made sure that my brother and I had a good bike and ride it whenever possible to school, work, shopping and other activities. A real environmentalist and avid cyclist!

His dream was to see his grandchild riding a bike was his passion! Unfortunately he passed away the year after this picture was taken, but he made sure that his wife (Leah’s grandmother) gifted the first bike to Leah.”

His father’s advice is: “Love Nature. It inspires and nurtures!”

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#SonsandFathers Series: Lessons Shared From Our Fathers

July 27, 2015
Park Hyatt

With new Sons + Fathers books in all Park Hyatt guestrooms, our Park Hyatt colleagues are sharing their own stories and lessons passed down for generations. Don’t forget to post your own story to Instagram using #SonsandFathers.

Julian Moore, general manager Park Hyatt Maldives, always remembers the importance of learning with experience and using that experience to make your life as extraordinary as possible through his father’s story and advice.

“My father is a surgeon. The son of a hardware store owner, he worked to put himself through medical school and still keeps studying to this day, at the age of 67. A city boy born and bred, before I was born his career took him across Argentina from Buenos Aires province to the wine and olive-growing region of Mendoza.  A keen runner, soon after arriving he set out for a long jog in the countryside and was delighted to see olives hanging down from the trees. He picked one, popped it in his mouth… And spat it out again, disgusted! He had no idea that olives need to be brined before becoming palatable. I realize now that, when he told me this story during my childhood, it was to teach me that it doesn’t matter how well-educated you are, real learning always takes place ‘in the field’ – sometimes literally!”Mariano-and-father-1_1030x1546

“My father is a surgeon. The son of a hardware store owner, he worked to put himself through medical school and still keeps studying to this day, at the age of 67. A city boy born and bred, before I was born his career took him across Argentina from Buenos Aires province to the wine and olive-growing region of Mendoza.  A keen runner, soon after arriving he set out for a long jog in the countryside and was delighted to see olives hanging down from the trees. He picked one, popped it in his mouth… And spat it out again, disgusted! He had no idea that olives need to be brined before becoming palatable. I realize now that, when he told me this story during my childhood, it was to teach me that it doesn’t matter how well-educated you are, real learning always takes place ‘in the field’ – sometimes literally!”

Ulrich-Father.Son-Picture_1030x686Ulrich Samietz, general manager Park Hyatt Aviara,
recalls the way his father enjoyed the simpler things in life and admired his career in hospitality.

“My father was an engineer – he built things. He designed, sold and installed large vacuum arc melting plants. He sold a tangible product. I, on the hand, design, sell and facilitate a guest’s stay – for business or pleasure. I do not sell a tangible product but rather an experience, a dream, so to say.

My father could never get his head around what I did for my career. He would say “ Let me get this straight, you walk around the hotel, talk to guests, talk to associates, taste food from the kitchen and taste wines – and you get paid to do this?”

“While my father enjoyed the occasional upgrade to a suite, he was more excited if I could get him access to the Regency Club and if he received a simple bottle of wine, something preferably sweeter for my mother to enjoy. He traveled the world, flying for business in business and first class; enjoyed the best restaurants in Asia, Europe and the Americas; took us on the Concorde; traveled via ocean liners cruises across the Atlantic, yet he got his biggest kicks when he received a bottle of house wine to enjoy with my mother. A wonderful man and I miss him dearly.”

image92A8786E-CA36-4AB3-BFEA-EFB350ED312C-DSC00615_640x422Bonnie Strome, general manager Park Hyatt Toronto, shares the values and memories her father gave her.

“This is my father, Ed Strome. He is the father of six children and he and my mother, Judy just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. The greatest values learned from my father were how to remain humble and to remain true to yourself.

My fondest memory of my father was during a family vacation that he was able to join us on. In my entire life I had never witnessed my father wearing shorts or sandals. Inspired by my two young daughters, he removed his socks, rolled up his pants and walked along the sand and into the lake. I have a photo of my daughters with my father looking out onto the lake during the sunset that evening and it rests in a frame in my living room.”

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#SonsandFathers Series: GMs Share The Great Examples Set By Their Dads

July 23, 2015
Park Hyatt

In celebration of Father’s Day and family legacies everywhere, every Park Hyatt guestroom received a copy of Sons+Fathers, a book featuring first-hand accounts of father-son relationships from world-famous men including Hyatt Hotels Corporation Executive Chairman Tom Pritzker. In a similar style, our own Park Hyatt colleagues are sharing their own stories, advice, and recipes passed down from generations right here on HyattConnect.

Share your own story on Instagram using #SonsAndFathers.

Mr. Ashwini’s father with his son

Ashwini Kumar, general manager Park Hyatt Jeddah, learned the importance of giving and caring for others through by watching his father. He showed how the smallest acts can truly make all the difference.

“The most valuable lesson my father taught me is of giving and caring for others. One story is cemented in my beliefs forever. My father was admitted to hospital in India due to a heart attack, back in the 80s when heart surgery was not that advanced and available in all parts of India. I traveled to India and visited my father in a hospital where there were six or seven other heart patients admitted in a big room. When I asked him how he was feeling, he started telling me story of each and every patient, some young, some old. There was 17 year old boy who had a problem with his valve and came from a poor family. My father raised his pillow to show me the money he had collected for those patients from all his friends and relatives who had come to visit him in the hospital. His first question to me was how much I could spare. He was not worried about his health but was concerned for those less fortunate. He showed me that no matter how much wealth one can accumulate in life, happiness and fulfillment only comes in giving and caring for others.”

Andrew Davidson, general manager Park Hyatt Washington, has not only followed the advice and traditions his father passed down, he also shares them with the next generation.

The Davidson men

The Davidson men

“My father lived by example, he always celebrated life’s accomplishments and valued hard work. My father started as a milk man in England and he ended his career working for a subsidiary of Unilever. I started in the industry as a dishwasher and have also come a long way since. It would not have been possible without the example he set, and his encouragement and support along the way.

As a child, my fondest memories of my father were out on our boat Dandy Jane. Even after 45 years, sailing is still my favorite thing to do – like father, like son. It was only fitting that when I went bare boating in the British Virgin Islands I would have my father join me. Much like my childhood, our toughest challenge on the trip would be finding our boat at night – especially after a long night savoring rummy dummies at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke. There must have been 150 yachts out on the water that night, and at 3 am they all looked exactly the same. We looked for the boat so long that the dingy ran out of gas! We still laugh about that night all the time – the memory of that night will last a lifetime.

Now that I live in Washington, D.C., I take trips to Annapolis with my son, Parker. Together we charter a small boat and create our own new memories. Like father, like son – it is where I am the happiest. Perhaps one day Parker will too.”

Ronald Kang and his father

Ronald Kang and his father

Ronald Kang, general manager of Park Hyatt Beijing and Area Vice President, attributes much of his success to the advice his father gave to him. His advice has steered him along this 24-year journey at Hyatt.

As a child, my father has always taught me that hard work does pay off, to believe, and to work for what I want for myself.”

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#SonsandFathers Series: Passing on a Passion for Hospitality

July 21, 2015
Park Hyatt

Our unique family traditions, lessons, backgrounds and experiences are the building blocks to who we are today. This Father’s Day, the Park Hyatt brand celebrated the knowledge shared among families and honoring its own rich family history.

Every Park Hyatt guest room now includes a copy of Sons+Fathers, a book featuring first-hand accounts of father-son relationships from some of the world’s most famous men. The special edition for all 36 Park Hyatt hotels includes a foreword from Tom Pritzker, executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, dedicated to his father and founder of the brand, Jay Pritzker.

In a similar style, our own Park Hyatt colleagues are sharing their own stories, advice, and recipes passed down from generations right here on Keyed Into Hyatt. To get us started, many Hyatt colleagues shared their own memories with their fathers and how they influenced their love for the hospitality industry.

Leo Roth, 1952 Germany

Peter Roth, general manager of Park Hyatt Chicago, recalls how his father, Leo Roth, passed on his love for traveling.

“Throughout his life my father traveled to and lived in 35 different countries. He had such an adventurous spirit and was always eager to learn about different cultures, try out different places and travel. After he had moved around a bit with my mother and my siblings, we finally settled in Ecuador for 25 years. In our house in Ecuador, I have a vivid image of a huge map of the world my father kept in his office with a pin placed at every location he had ever been. As you can imagine, there were so many pins even when I was still young. This map and the stories my father would tell about all the places he had been to and the hotels he had stayed in always stands out in my mind. I think those are what inspired and fueled my own aspirations for traveling and to be in the hospitality industry. In my own career, I’ve already moved 15 times to various countries and hotels, and in a way feel that I’m carrying on the journey that my father started many years ago.”

Gorka Bergareche (Right), his daughter (Middle), and father (Left)

Similarly, Gorka Bergareche, general manager of Park Hyatt Milan, remembers his first time accompanying his dad on a trip and how the experience together developed his love for hospitality.

“The first time I accompanied my father into his regular hotel in Madrid, where he used to stay very often, was a very special moment for me that changed the way I would later on drive my life.As we drove into the driveway, the doorman approached the car, took off his hat, and warmly welcomed my father by name back to the hotel. I was so impressed by that action and by such a warm welcome. At around 10 years old, that was the day when I decided that I wanted to become a hotelier and make people feel special! Thanks to that man at the door of that hotel, and thanks to my father who brought me with him on that trip, I try very hard every day to make people feel the same way he felt, and hopefully make kids feel the same way I did!”

Both stores show how small experiences shared with their fathers influenced who they are today. Check back next week for more stories form Park Hyatt colleagues. Share your own story about your son or father and how they have influenced your life by using #SonsandFathers and @parkhyatt on your Instagram account. 


Hyatt Family Member Off to Global Chef Competition Finals

June 29, 2015
Food & Beverage, Our People

One of Hyatt’s own has made it to the finals of the Global Chefs Challenge, one of the most prestigious competitions in the culinary world.

Narae Kim, a colleague at Grand Hyatt Seoul, competed at the semi-finals in the pastry category of the competition, which took place in Bangkok from May 22 to May 25. In just six and a half hours, Narae created a delectable pastry dessert that will now take her to the finals.

The pastry category, known as the Global Pastry Chef Competition, is organized by Worldchefs, a global network that represents 10 million chefs in over 100 countries worldwide.NaraeKimPastry2

Narae compared the Global Pastry Chef Competition to a fashion show to display the modern trends of pastry-making. She won the gold medal in the ‘Plated Dessert and Chocolate and Sugar Showpiece’ category. “I love to work and create desserts and pastries. During a competition, the exciting thing is that I have to create something according to a ‘theme’ under a time constraint,” Kim said.

The entire competition takes place over a span of two years, and now that Narae has won at the semi-finals, she will get to take her talents to Athens, Greece in 2016.

Narae’s love for pastry-making started back as young as she can remember, but her real passion was sparked after she started attending pastry classes.

“I come from a small city two hours out of Seoul, where there is very limited pastry shops or Western desserts available. I used to watch my mother, who occasionally prepared Western cakes. During this time, I would enjoy playing with the left over dough, and molding some bunnies or bears out of it. Later in middle school, in my free time I would travel to Seoul where I joined a small pastry class and that’s where I fell in love with the industry.”

A big congratulations to Narae Kim and her accomplishments thus far! Be sure to wish her good luck for the ‘Grand Finale’ in Greece!


Victory for Love!

June 26, 2015
Memorable Moments

Today, we join the United States in celebrating history. This is more than celebrating during Pride month, more than wearing purple to support the Spirit Day. This is about celebrating that, in the U.S., as well as a growing list of countries, the lifelong commitment any two people choose to make to one another will finally be viewed with equal respect and recognition. As a company committed to inclusion for all, we celebrate this victory with our LGBT colleagues and our guests.

The joy we feel as a result of this ruling is because Hyatt has been supporting our LGBT colleagues, guests and the larger community for years. We were the first hospitality company to offer same-sex benefits to domestic partners, we’ve received a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign for the past 11 years, and we are passionate about the need for our colleagues to bring their whole self to work. We believe that it is our diversity that makes us great.

We remain as committed as ever to the LGBT community and to those on the front lines of this fight, congratulations on making history!


Connecting With the Community #InAHyattWorld

June 22, 2015
Hyatt Thrive, Our People

Our communities are an extension of our hotels—an integral part of the Hyatt family. Across the globe, Hyatt teams continually do what they can to make a positive impact on the places where our colleagues live and work, our guests visit and our owners invest.

This is the first piece in a three-part series showcasing the exciting ways in which our hotels are connecting with their local communities to make the world a better place. Read on to discover how four of our EAME hotels are going out of their way to care for the Hyatt family.

The team at Park Hyatt Milano wearing the #salviamounastella T-shirts.

Park Hyatt Milano

This past spring, Park Hyatt Milano held a fundraiser for Giorgia Pagano, a young Italian girl suffering from Berdon syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. To help Giorgia’s cause and to show that “the life of a single person is as important as that of millions,” #salviamounastella (“let’s save a star”) T-shirts were sold at the hotel, with proceeds donated to the non-profit started by Giorgia’s mother.

Additionally, the hotel added two cocktails to their Mio menu—Stardust and Tinkerbell—with all  drinks proceeds going directly to the non-profit.

Andaz Liverpool Street London

Last November, Andaz Liverpool Street London joined the movement to change the face of men’s health by teaming up with Movember, a charity that aims to increase awareness and raise funds for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

More than 60 members of the hotel staff became “MoBros”—growing moustaches to become walking, talking billboards for men’s health. Guests were also able to participate and donate to Movember by enjoying a bespoke “Mo-jito” (which came with its very own moustache), with all drink proceeds going directly Movember.

The Park Hyatt Zurich team at a previous Pink Ribbon Charity Walk.

The Park Hyatt Zurich team at a previous Pink Ribbon Charity Walk.

Park Hyatt Zurich

Park Hyatt Zurich is proudly partnering with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. In September, hotel colleagues will be walking at the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk, with a select few volunteering on the “helping committee” to ensure a smooth and successful event. In addition to walking, the hotel will contribute a donation to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help find a cure for those living with breast cancer.

Grand Hyatt Berlin

Grand Hyatt Berlin has a longstanding relationship with Laughing Hearts e.V., a non-profit that supports children from crisis-ridden family situations. Last month, the team at Grand Hyatt Berlin helped to paint a local school, and the year before they supported a fundraiser through a Halloween sales event.

Currently, the hotel is planning another Laughing Hearts fundraiser to take place during Grand Hyatt Berlin’s summer party, and the team will also host a Laughing Hearts e.V. gala at the end of this year.


Park Hyatt Celebrates #SonsandFathers Everywhere

June 15, 2015
Park Hyatt

Your grandmother’s recipe your mother taught you to make. Your brother’s love of architecture you shared together at a museum. The advice your father gave you before you started a new career. Each of us have those lessons, passions and experiences that make our families unique. For me, I cherish the basketball games the men of all generations in my family have played together for years and the love of music my dad and I share.

The Park Hyatt brand wants to celebrate these traditions and moments, because it has a rich family history of its own. The brand was founded by Jay Pritzker as an extension of his own home, and his son Tom continues the tradition today as Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Just in time for Father’s Day, every guestroom at all 36 Park Hyatt hotels worldwide will feature a special copy of Sons+Fathers, a memoir-style book featuring first-hand accounts of father-son relationships from some of the world’s most famous men. Notables include: U2’s Bono; President Bill Clinton; song-writer Paul McCartney; artist Jeff Koons; actor Colin Farrell; actor Daniel Day-Lewis; politician Bobby Shriver; and many more.

The special edition of Sons+Fathers for Park Hyatt hotels includes a foreword dedicated to Jay Pritzker written by his son Tom Pritzker, and book proceeds benefit the Irish Hospice Foundation as well as Hospice Africa Uganda. You can read more about this in HotelChatter.

“We learn so much from our families – generation to generation, not just father to son. Supporting Sons+Fathers is a natural fit for the Park Hyatt brand as we pay homage to our own roots and embrace our passion for continuously sharing knowledge, so often passed down from within families, with guests and with each other,” Pritzker said.

Guests and Park Hyatt colleagues, from general managers to chefs, are sharing their own stories of how their sons or fathers have influenced their lives with #SonsandFathers. Join in on Instagram and tag @parkhyatt, and your post could be featured on the Park Hyatt brand social channels.


Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Celebrates One Year!

June 11, 2015
Andaz, Memorable Moments

You know the saying “time flies when you’re having fun?” Well, we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills.

Today is the hotel’s first anniversary, and it marks an important transition for the brand. Just one year ago, the Andaz brand was introduced to Japan, and now guests and locals alike welcome the Andaz philosophy in the city of Tokyo.

Arnaud de Saint-Exupéry, General Manager of Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

“A year ago, it was all about delivering to our guests the philosophy behind Andaz,” General Manager Arnaud de Saint-Exupéry explains. “Today, it is our guests who are defining the brand – each experience is driven by their personal style and preferences, creating a strong emotional connection with the brand, team and location.”

For Andaz Tokyo, a collaboration of two designers – renowned designer Toni Chi from New York and Tokyo-based Shinichiro Ogata – has been critical to the hotel’s approach of merging local culture with design. The pair completed the hotel’s interior design by harmonizing unique and detailed perspectives of Japanese style. Reflecting Japan’s cultural emphasis on beauty and purity of form, both designers used natural materials such as washi paper, walnut wood and granite throughout the spaces. Traditional fittings, such as shoji paper screens, have been transformed into modern partitions that create harmonious spatial sequences without physical barriers.

“By creating a community within a Japanese-style environment and enabling guests to constantly interact, touch, and enjoy the beautiful, locally-inspired designs, we provide a space where our guests have an emotional connection with the brand,” de Saint-Exupéry says.

To be indigenous, moreover, means being rooted in the local environment and culture. Last spring, Andaz celebrated the hanami (flower viewing) season – a popular tradition in Japan – by unveiling a pop-up sakura (cherry blossom) garden on its rooftop terrace, which features stunning views of Tokyo.

In celebration of the hotel’s first anniversary, Andaz Tokyo will host a one-day only Andaz Summer Festival. In line with the personal style  concept, a variety of live music performances including jazz, classical music, and Latin music will be held on the rooftop. To complement the anniversary celebrations in June, the main dining venue, Andaz Tavern, will offer an anniversary menu composed of dishes selected from its inaugural year, a complementary glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and its signature canapés. AO Spa & Club at Andaz Tokyo will also offer four special treatments inspired by jazz, classical music, Latin music, and DJ musical styles to complement the live performances at the Andaz Summer Festival.

Looking to the future, de Saint-Exupéry is optimistic. With Japan’s in-bound tourism increasing year-on-year, he says Andaz Tokyo is well positioned to provide one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences for all its guests and visitors in the heart of Tokyo.

A huge congratulations to the Andaz Tokyo team. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

1st year anniversary


Thrive Thursday: Conservation with Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s Resident Marine Biologist

June 4, 2015
Hyatt Thrive

“Did you know that turtles navigate the world using variations in the earth’s magnetic field, or that just one handful of wet sand contains 10,000 microscopic creatures?” These are just a couple of questions that Arabella Willing, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villa’s resident Marine Biologist, uses to shock visitors and colleagues, and to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

Arabella has worked as a resident marine biologist with Hyatt since 2011, starting at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, and coming to Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi in June 2013. Prior to joining Hyatt, Arabella studied marine biology at St. Andrews University in Scotland and spent time volunteering in the northern most part of the Maldives, educating locals about sustainability and marine life.

Arabella working with Hawksbill Turtle nesting areas.

Working in a country with one of the highest ecological footprints in the world, it is Arabella’s job to educate Hyatt colleagues, guests and members of the community about Abu Dhabi wildlife and the need to protect it. “One of the first things we did when I joined the [Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi] team was conduct mandatory environmental awareness training, and these days that training is a part of every new employee’s orientation.”

With Arabella’s help, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is making major efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Some of the hotel’s initiatives include:

  1. Serving sustainably sourced seafood, and using restaurant menus to educate guests about “Choose Wisely”, a local non-profit sustainable seafood campaign
  2. Using locally grown or organic fruits and vegetables in the hotel’s restaurants whenever possible
  3. Installing solar panels on the hotel’s roof to meet most of the property’s hot water demand
  4. Using software to reduce guestroom air conditioning and lighting to a minimum when rooms are unoccupied
  5. Providing environmental information cards in guestrooms

“When we look at other hotels in Abu Dhabi, there are no other properties that go to the lengths we do to look after local flora and fauna. We have taken on the responsibility for spreading awareness about the importance of environmental protection, regularly organizing workshops for school children, corporate groups and the wider community. Guests join me for nature hikes and boat trips, while my colleagues and I organize beach or mangrove cleanups with the community. I always try to tie in messages about being responsible with resources and not polluting the environment.”

A newly-hatched Hawksbill Turtle makes it way toward the water, Abu Dhabi.

A newly-hatched Hawksbill Turtle makes it way toward the sea in Abu Dhabi.

Environmental conservation is not only something that must be done at a large scale, but something that we all have a responsibility to do in our everyday lives. It is important to remember that no action is too small Arabella puts eloquently the importance of considering the environment when making decisions in our everyday lives:

“Caring about the environment is a culture. Passionate individuals can spark change that nurtures and celebrates that culture. A handful of empowered individuals can make a huge difference.”

At Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, Arabella and her colleagues are working hard to be part of the difference.

“We are often so disengaged from nature that we do not realize how much we rely on healthy ecosystems. I urge everyone to consider the environment when making decisions. Looking after the environment is not something that is nice to do, it is something we must do.”